AVAILABLE: It's the exact same medication — the authorized generic version of DIASTAT® ACUDIAL

DIASTAT ACUDIAL Can Help Control a Prolonged Breakthrough Seizure

  • DIASTAT ACUDIAL  is an at-home medication for patients 2 years of age and older on stable antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) who require occasional use of diazepam to control bouts of increased seizure activity or prolonged breakthrough seizures (increased seizure activity; also called serial or cluster seizures)
  • A prolonged breakthrough seizure can occur anytime, anywhere—even if you or your loved one is taking AEDs
  • DIASTAT ACUDIAL  can control a seizure after it starts—possibly avoiding a visit to the emergency room (individual results may vary)
  • DIASTAT ACUDIAL  is ready wherever you need it—home, school, work, vacations, etc
  • It is recommended that DIASTAT ACUDIAL  gel be used to treat no more than five episodes per month and no more than one episode every
    five days

Administration Instructions provide patients, family, and caregivers easy-to-understand instructions on how to treat the seizure immediately—anytime or anywhere, with DIASTAT ACUDIAL 

» Administration Instructions

The Seizure Treatment Preparedness Plan can be used to create personalized step-by-step instructions for family and caregivers to follow, to help assure that the patient’s prolonged breakthrough seizure is treated properly and his or her medical needs are met. Work with your physician to complete the Preparedness Plan.

» Adult Seizure Treatment Preparedness Plan
» Child Seizure Treatment Preparedness Plan
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DIASTAT device

Before You Leave
the Pharmacy

Make sure the DIASTAT ACUDIAL  is
properly dialed and locked before use.